If your stoner tendencies have evolved past flower and edibles into the realm of shatter, badder, rosin, and live resin, there is still plenty of sketchy maneuvering to watch out for. Because most black market dabs do not undergo lab testing, they often contain high levels of residual solvents or pesticides that you probably don’t want to be inhaling. Even worse than improperly purged BHO, some dealers are now selling completely fake slabs of shatter made out of pine rosin.

The cheap and completely benign tree wax is yellowish gold in color and can be heated and made to look almost exactly like THC-rich cannabis concentrates. To make it look even more like the real thing, dealers will mix in small amounts of cannabis terpenes or THC distillate to create a deceptively dank smell. Unfortunately, when you try to take a dab of pine rosin shatter, you don’t get high at all, and instead muck up your rig and possibly your lips with gross sap. If you’re buying shatter or dabs of any kind from a new source, make sure you know someone who can vouch for the product, or make sure you get to sample it before you pay.