Thank you, Cord Jefferson. 

You’re an imaginary friend before breakfast, a writing partner during my early morning walks, and it is all because I am inspired by your story. The reason for my gratitude is made very clear. In my life, words have meant more to me than they meant to others. I’ve always found myself in awe of how other stories can intersect, yet I was ignoring one in front of me that could help keep the gift of life that I was given.

Like your father, I was in need of a kidney. In 2017, my health was taking a serious turn and irreparable damage was happening to my body. I had limited options since my family was unable to get tested or, as was the case with my then-wife, was born with only one kidney. The following year, Anslem Samuel Rocque would donate one of his kidneys and save my life. I think back to a time in the ER, rewatching an episode of The Nightly Show, and I’m wondering how you used humor to help your father heal from his own transplant surgery.

Because of gratitude, I am alive. And your essay about the importance of health is something I will always cherish—especially on what is now my third kidneyversary (Jan. 31, 2018). Danke. Medaase paa. —Kevin L. Clark