Alice Allison Dunnigan, how can I even begin to say “thank you”? Did you have any idea while fighting racism and sexism in journalism that your legacy would go on to change the world? Did you know that your works would go on to inspire a woman of color like me to follow her media dreams? Your journey to becoming the first African American female correspondent to receive White House credentials, along with being the first Black woman allowed to sit in the Senate and House press room, I’m sure wasn’t an easy one. I want you to know you made it easier for me as a child to realize anything is possible.

You were a true visionary, a woman ahead of her time. Though many may not know your story, I do, and it changed the way I looked at things when I was younger. At the end of the day, you just wanted to do what you loved for a living, despite whatever roadblocks may have stood in your way, and I respect and identify with that. 

Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for doing what they said couldn’t be done. Thank you for being a visual representation of what possibilities the future may hold. I just want to take this moment out to say THANK YOU! —Drea Oppan