If you want to get your body right, narrow your focus. Think about yourself instead of the people around you. Get your heart rate up, and find your zone—that mental quiet place where life's distractions become ambient noise. Because plenty of things matter, but for the hour that you're working out, you matter most.

Music can light the path to this zen-like mental state. Yes, you could listen to music on the gym's speakers or on the stereo. But then the music simply becomes more noise, competing with the other noise of everyday life. You want isolation from all that. And a great pair of headphones will provide that.

But for workout headphones, sound quality isn't enough. You're going to be sweating a lot; do you have a secure fit? Is it a pain to adjust the volume? Should you go wireless? And if so, how many hours of battery life do you have? There are lots of options for the smart consumer.

We scoured the internet, read reviews, and compared brands to find the best workout headphones. Some are high end, while others give you the best bang for your buck. But each will fit comfortably, stay put, and last in the long run—all while the delivering the great sound you crave.