Platform(s): Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was made with confidence—with a cool bravado that says, “We know this formula works. We're building on it.” Ultimate is Smash rules, with Smash mechanics and Smash strategy. It’s also the best game in the franchise to date. Nothing prior has had this level of polish.

The new, main mechanics to know about are Spirits, which are collectibles that you acquire in World of Light, Ultimate’s single-player campaign. Spirits are collectible pictures of minor video game characters like Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter), Thwomp (Mario), and Bald Bull (Punch-Out!!). There are 1297 of them, and they provide buffs and immunity abilities to your fighter. You can also combine them to get a perfect storm of abilities and custom match them to counter your opponent. 

The sheer amount of content is overwhelming. There are 74 playable characters (76 if you include the Pokémon Trainer’s different Pokemon), 103 stages, and over 800 songs. With the upcoming DLC, there’s more of everything on the way. 

Nintendo has set an impossibly high bar and precedent for itself; any future Smash game will have to do everything Ultimate did, plus more. The game is so thorough, in fact, that it conjures a feeling of finality. Why make another Smash game, ever? Just continue adding to this one forever.