Like a lot of places in America, Los Angeles is slowly (and safely) starting to reopen. For Natasha Martinez, a Complex News anchor who calls the city home, this might mean a moderate shift to the new life to which she’s adjusted. For the past 12 months, Martinez has enjoyed pandemic-friendly versions of her favorite aspects of life in LA, picking up meals to go, shopping in stores with more limited capacity, and eating and drinking outdoors when possible.

“Being born and raised in California, there is a lot about LA that I took for granted before COVID,” Martinez says. “The shutdown forced me to appreciate and take advantage of all the socially distant activities that are not possible in a lot of other places. From beach picnics to open-air rooftops, I’m enjoying a different side of LA and coming up with new traditions that will be a part of my lifestyle post-pandemic.”

For now, though, bearing the city’s circumstances in mind, here are Natasha Martinez’s favorite spots in Los Angeles.