The Best Snack Foods of All Time

Listen, we're all for eating healthy. Fruits and veggies have their moments. But sometimes, you need a real snack. One that doesn't concern itself with keeping you energized or decreasing your sodium levels. For road trips, the movies, a party, or just a regular afternoon pick-me-up, you need the real deal bodega and supermarket classics. Salty? Sweet? This list has it all, and is here to remind you of some of the classics you may have forgotten about. From Oreos to Doritos, these are the 60 best snack foods of all time. Bon appétit.


We're not monsters, so we're not going to pit two powerful queens (Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch) against each other. Instead, we'll just celebrate the collective Doritos family, home to a diverse range of flavorful corn chips that pack a punch like no other. There's a reason Taco Bell turned these bad boys into taco shells.

Hot Cheetos

Some snack foods do need to be separated by their specific shapes or flavors, because specific iterations are in a league of their own. The vibrant red heat of a Hot Cheetos is simply unparalleled in the snack universe, and builds upon an already incredible snack food.

Fritos Honey BBQ Twists

The OG Frito is legendary in its own right, but we have to pay our respects to the honey BBQ twist. The tangy sweetness melds well with the original Frito taste.


There's nothing like those signature ridges, designed to help dips, or even chip flavorings themselves, stick. All-dressed (pictured above) is just one of many elite Ruffles flavors, but you'll have to travel across the pond to get it.


We're not just talking Classic here (although those are pretty damn good). All of the Lay's staples—sour cream and onion, barbecue, salt and vinegar—are delicious in their own right. But we also love testing out the eclectic new flavors the company rolls out each year, like Thai Sweet Chili, Deep Dish Pizza, and loads more.


We're not brand loyalists here—the humble pretzel is virtually impossible to mess up, and way too easy to dress up and make into something special. Dip them in hummus or chocolate, or eat them alongside a sweeter snack like fruit for a nice balance.


How Takis manage to get so much hot, tangy goodness into those little corn chip taquitos, we may never know. But we'll keep scarfing them down until we find out.

Swiss Rolls

One of the more fragile Little Debbie snacks. Handle these chocolatey, creme-filled delights with care.

Kettle Chips

The potato chip that feels like you're actually eating a potato—but like, in a good way. The Kettle brand offers a heartier chip in about a million different flavor options, and we encourage you to try them all.

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