Without memes, what would we truly have to keep us occupied? One of the best joys, while watching viral shows or scrolling Twitter during moments that everyone is talking about, is the inevitable jokes that will come out of us all noticing how insane an image or phrase is. While everyone ends up trying to get their tweets off, making for some issues of quality control with the humor, there’s no denying that a night on Twitter can be altogether amazing if there’s a particularly dank meme circulating.

This year, we’ve seen all kinds of subjects turn into memes. Cartoons, royal family members, Marvel’s biggest films, and even LeBron James have been meme’d out. The medium has made stars like a certain yodeling boy, and has even helped some deal with racist white people who like to call the police when they see black people doing, well, anything.

Memes are the gift that keeps on giving; here are the best of 2018.