2020 has been the single most disappointing year of many people's lives. Imagine being an Olympic-level athlete training for a single shining moment at the Tokyo 2020 games... that's on pause. Imagine being a high school senior and incoming college freshman, ready for the most exciting and liberating year of your young life... not so fast. Imagine you were planning to get married to the love of your life in April, or move from the Midwest to Los Angeles in March, or leave your parents' place for good in June. Everything is on hold. 

Even for those of us without life-changing plans -- those of us who just wanted to see F9 in the spring and play basketball at the park all summer -- 2020 has been deeply, uniquely frustrating. And with the prospect of a controversial election in November, climate change fueling meteorological catastrophes on both coasts, and no end in sight to the pandemic... well, it's tempting to curl up in bed and stay hidden until 2022. 

Resist that urge. There's plenty to accomplish in the final few months of 2020 (voting, for example) and brighter days are just beyond the horizon. These 28 Instagram accounts will help you stay strong, stay sane, and stay positive until the lock downs are lifted, the virus is in retreat, and a new old white guy is President