They say that the holiday season is all about giving, and that it’s often harder to give than to receive. The root of this problem usually lies in what to give. “So-and-so has everything he or she could ever want,” the reasoning goes. “The gifts they want are too expensive,” goes another. These are all simply excuses for not looking or trying hard enough to bestow generosity on the special people in our lives.

These days, everyone fancies themselves a creative of some sort. Why not gift them accordingly, or at least inspire creativity in an artist, filmmaker, or writer you know? Here, we’ve compiled perfect gifts normally made for creative people or enthusiasts. There are books about travel, color theory, how to make things, or simply how to stay inspired. There are products that allow you to customize your apparel or home, products that give back to those in need, and products that give you an affordable version of your favorite artwork. There are tools to help you stay organized and even memberships to services that make sure you keep getting stuff past the holidays. There’s homeware like bowls you can mold yourself and a candle that melts into the Empire State Building. There’s a mini projector, the portable technology you never knew you needed, postcards (who needs envelopes?), and a key ring that makes it much less difficult to lose keys.

Let this list of ideas be not just for the creatives or those aspiring to create in your life. Don’t forget the need to fuel one’s own creativity; this list is a good place to start if you’re looking to buy for yourself, as well.

Here are the best gifts for creatives.