It’s that time of year again: snow is falling on the ground, cold wind is blowing through the city streets, and your local pharmacy has been decked out with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia for the last two months. From every different-sized box of chocolate piled to the ceiling to roses upon plastic roses, as soon as February rolls around, it’s impossible to ignore this looming day of romance. And if you’re single, there’s nothing like stopping by your local CVS to pick up a prescription and being bombarded by the pink monstrosity that is a V-day display.

Thankfully, this year we’ve got you covered if you don’t yet have a date for this fated night. We’ve compiled some of the best dating apps (that you might as well go ahead and download this very second) to make sure you’re not spending Valentine’s Day all by your lonesome. The day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to start swiping away.

Yes, a lot of apps are just meant to get you laid, but hopefully the apps we’ve compiled will at least connect you with someone who’s up for a nice dinner (or even just a drink—hey, beggars can’t be choosers) on Feb. 14. And if you do actually make it home with your new date, check out some of the best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

From apps that connect you with people you’ve passed in real life, friends of friends, or those who share similar tastes, this list will maximize your potential of getting a V-day date. And if you still end up alone, you can wallow in your misery with these lonely songs for spending Valentine’s Day by yourself. At least all the V-day candy goes on sale as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Feb. 15, so you can look forward to ransacking CVS in the morning if your date doesn’t come through.