The Best Date Night Ideas for Winter

The weather is way colder and the days are much shorter, and in the back of your mind, you're starting to freak out a bit. Whether you're in the talking phase or in a serious relationship, cuffing season is well underway and you've got some prospective dates lined up in your calendar. Don't fret! We have you covered with the best date night ideas.

You're tired of Netflix and Chill with takeout, but you don't really want a date night at the movie theater where you'll be surrounded by kids who are out of school for Christmas break. The last thing you want to do is sit down to dinner at a stuffy restaurant, even though you claim your girl is bad and boujee. You've scoured Pinterest, but the 100+ date ideas can be a bit overwhelming when you're just trying to find one. Also, seriously, how unrealistic are those memes that have clothes laid out on the bed, saying "get dressed and be ready at (insert time here)?" If your girl is anything like me, she's going to ask a million questions. Not to mention what would happen if she doesn't want to wear the outfit you picked out? So, to spare you both the unnecessary stress, here are some simple, infallible date night ideas that are sure to impress your significant other.

Don't worry, we've also included some ideas that are wallet friendly, because being creative is always within the budget. Also girls, give the guy a break sometime and take the initiative to plan one of these romantic dates. That way, when you're on the phone with your besties, you can brag about how your guy appreciates a girl that takes charge. You can be a Girl Boss in the board room and in your relationship all at the same time! 

Go to a Drive-In

Even if you've never been to a drive-in, there is something so nostalgic about catching a flick outside, with the added plus of still being able to stay cozy in the car. If your town doesn't have a venues like that, you can get creative and create a viewing in your backyard. It takes a bit of work, but taking the extra steps could really impress the guy or girl in your life. You could go the easy route and haul your T.V. outside, but where is the fun in that? Do some research on Amazon and see if you can find a projector that fits in your budget. You'll probably find a way to use it again, and if you both are really into movies, you'll have the equipment to plan out weekly movie date nights now, too.

Attend a Concert

If you and your partner love music, concert are the way to go! Now, don't be a hypebeast and optimize the night for your ears to be satisfied only. If you and your date like different styles of music, this can be a great way to get to know them. Some big-name concerts can be a bit pricey, so get creative and search your area for local performances at smaller venues. Showing off your wide range of musical knowledge could definitely make your date even more attracted to you. A person's playlist is a window to their soul, after all.

Get in the Kitchen and Play with Your Food

Whether you guys love to cook, or are just looking to experiment in the kitchen, chefin' it up with your special someone is a cute and cozy date idea. Not only will you be able to see if you can both work well together, but you can cook your meal and eat it, too. Up the fun factor by making a list together and going out to local specialty food shops. Check out the local Italian butcher or the family-owned Spanish spot for ingredients, and if you have a local farmer's market in your town, even better. Don't forget to stop by the flower stand on your way out.

Get Cultured

Seriously, how sick are  you of people pretending that they are "about the culture," when they really don't want to educate themselves on what the culture is? Whether you head to a museum for the day and get to know the meaning behind the exhibits, venture to a different part of town and soak up what the locals are doing, or even hit up an art gallery, your partner will appreciate that you're interested art, language, and the history of other people, too. For those watching their wallets, most museums have free entry days too. 

Attend a Sporting Event

Teen movies weren't too off: football season makes for the a great dates. Book a ticket to your local stadium, or if you aren't into risking any bad weather, keep it fresh and book an indoor basketball or hockey game for date night instead. There's nothing better than kicking back with a couple of burgers and hot dogs, beer or cider, and rooting for your favorite team. 

Go Ice Skating or Have a Snow Day

No matter how old we get, there's something about ice skating and sledding that brings back all of the nostalgia. Ladies, switch it up for a change and take the lead on the rink! Also wear something cute, but not restrictive, so that you guys can hit up the concessions stands. And girls, f the date is going well, stop in at a nearby coffee shop and get two hot cocoas on you, to show him you're ballin' on a budget, but will still shell out the best for your guy.

Take a Day Trip

Fellas, there is nothing more us girls love more than a planned out date that seems spontaneous. Give her a heads up to clear our schedule for the day, and tell her to bring her coat and herself. Don't tell her where you're going and plan the whole day. The options are endless: If you're from a bustling, metropolitan area, pack up lunch and take a drive somewhere scenic to eat; if you're looking for a little more action, hit the nearest major city and work your way through the popular attractions and best local eats. And if traveling somewhere else is out of your wheelhouse, a staycation can be just as fun. Be a tourist in your own town— research a bit what you both haven't seen and start early. 

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