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The Best Cars of the '90s

These days, '90s nostalgia is all the rage. The biggest trends of the 1990s have circled back around and infiltrated the fashion, design, and even multimedia spaces, and for good reason. It was a time of chic, classic silhouettes and color schemes, and styles that have proven to be timeless. 

The same goes for '90s cars. The automobiles of the late-late 20th century, whether luxury or civilian, captured the effortlessness of the era. From the Ferrari F50 to the Mazda Miata, these are the 50 best '90s cars.

McLaren F1

Okay, maybe the British made some points. Just 106 of these three-seaters (the driver's seat is actually in between two passenger seats) were made, and it's been called “the greatest automobile ever created.”

Lamborghini Diablo

Sinister and slick, the Lamborghini Diablo became the first production Lamborghini able to achieve a top speed of over 200 MPH. The first model also came with the option to have an exclusive, $10,500 Breguet clock installed on the dash. And let's not forget the signature scissor doors.

Acura NSX

Inspired by the F-16 fighter jet cockpit, the NSX was the world's first mass-produced car with an all-aluminum body. The second-generation NSX debuted in 2015, with some significant design changes, but nothing beats the OG.

Mazda Miata

You can't talk '90s cars without talking about the Miata. This absolute classic is still being made today, and is one of the best-selling two seat sports cars in history, due in large part to its '90s popularity.

Ferrari F50

Pictured above is one of just 349 Ferrari F50's in existence. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 302 of them were red—can you blame them?

Jaguar XJ220

A '90s car that looks straight out of the future. The XJ220 held the Guinness World Record for fastest speed ever attained by a standard production car—217.1 MPH—for five years, before being bested by the McLaren F1.

Toyota Supra (Mk IV)

The lightweight, fourth-generation Supra vaguely resembles the 2000GT, Toyota's first grand touring sports car. Its legacy is undeniable—just look at the company's 2019 revival of the damn thing.

Dodge Viper

A very American automobile. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lamborghini assisted with the design of the Viper engine. It's not an easy car to drive, but it looks good as hell.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Only available as a road car from 1992-1996, you really couldn't miss that rear spoiler. The “Cossie” was the first mass-produced car to produce downforce at the front and rear.