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Since Atlanta has prohibited people from illegally peddling bottled water on busy streets, police are trying to come up with new methods to prevent this practice, particularly by teenagers.

WSB-TV reports that Atlanta police are looking into launching a new plan to hand out citations to the parents of kids who are caught selling water. Authorities want to avoid arresting these “water boys,” particularly if they aren’t badgering people into buying water. However, hawking water at an active intersection can prove to be hazardous to the teens and drivers.

Water boys can be seen in Atlanta on hotter days, often sprinting into traffic to sell their goods. “I support those kids. I kinda like what they are doing. I think they could be a little more professional,” one driver told the news outlet. The city restricted these sales after receiving a barrage of 911 calls about water boys harassing people and even acting aggressively towards them.

Another driver told WSB-TV, “They shouldn’t be selling stuff in traffic. They need to be safe.”

The outlet spoke to a boy who sells water, asking him what he thinks of the police potentially issuing a citation to his parents. “My mama tells me to be careful, stay out of the way, and don’t get into any trouble,” he said. He explained that on goods days, each water boy can make $300 to $400, and on less profitable days, they only make $100 each.