Getting on a plane may soon be just as easy as opening your phone.

On Monday, Apple announced a new update for the Apple Wallet, which will allow users to use their iPhones as digital identification in airports across the U.S.

Users will scan their driver’s license or ID, which will be stored in the phone after an encyption process. Apple also revealed that it is working with TSA so iPhones can be used as ID at securirty chckpoints, as well. 

Announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, the company is finding other ways—in addition to IDs to beef up the Apple Wallet. The company is looking into ways that hotels will let usersstore room keys, as well as home keys and work keys. 

Additionally, outside of a new ability to share FaceTime invite links, WWDC saw the announcement of SharePlay, a feature for FaceTime that will allow users to co-watch TV shows, internet clips and share their screens with eachother—all while on a call.

Demonstrating the feature, Apple showed off how users can stream music at the same time on a call, so everyone can hear, as well as how users can collectively watch Apple TV+ programs together, a process that became popular during the pandemic. Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, NBA, Twitch, TikTok, MasterClass, ESPN+, Paramount+, and Pluto TV are all reportedly set to be partners for SharePlay.