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The city of Columbus, Ohio will pay a $10 million settlement to Andre Hill’s family, the largest amount that the city has ever paid before.

Former officer Adam Coy fatally shot Hill on Dec. 22, 2020, when the 47-year-old was leaving a family friend’s house through a garage, with a cellphone in hand. NBC News reports that the $10 million will be divided into two parts, with the family receiving the first half by the end of the year and the second half during the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, this year, a local gymnasium will be renamed to commemorate Hill’s life. The city council approved the deal on Monday.

“No amount of money will ever bring Andre Hill back to his family, but we believe this is an important and necessary step in the right direction,” City Attorney Zach Klein said on Friday, as he was announcing the settlement.

Hill’s brother, sister, daughter, and granddaughter were present during the news conference, with his daughter, Carissa Hill saying it was “a very big day for me and my family.” She continued, “We’re just sad we can’t share that with our dad being here,” she said.

Hill’s brother, Alvin Williams showed his appreciation to the city and protesters, saying, “We want things to change rapidly, immediately. As far as my brother, every soldier doesn’t make it through battle, but the thing is they’ve paved the way for everybody else to have freedom and the righteous way of living in a more peaceful society.”

Hill was killed when a neighbor reported that a person kept starting and stopping a vehicle on the night of Dec. 22. Coy was later indicted for the murder and pleaded not guilty to charges of murder in the commission of a felony, felonious assault, and reckless homicide. He thought Hill had a gun, though a weapon wasn’t discovered at the scene. Coy will appear in court again on June 7.