Trump's Spiritual Adviser Paula White Goes Viral With Unhinged 2020 Election Prayer

The prosperity gospel preacher is seen in the clip lamenting "demonic confederacies" and calling on "angelic reinforcement' from Africa and South America.


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Paula White, a prosperity gospel hawker and so-called "spiritual adviser" to Trump, has careened into headlines this week thanks to a video featuring some startling nonsensicality centered around the 2020 presidential election.

The clips in question, which are rife with memeable bullshittery, come from a recent livestream event during which White attempted to passionately pray (i.e. scream into the void) hard enough to prevent Trump from becoming a single-termer. After saying the word "strike" a bunch of times, White lays it all out.

"Let there be that we would strike the ground, for you will give us victory, god," she says in the video. "I hear a sound of an abundance of rain. I hear a sound of victory. I hear a sound of shouting and singing. I hear a sound of victory."

From there, White engages in further repeating while her glasses appear to initiate an attempt at fleeing her face. The word "victory" is given a lot of mileage here, as is the phrase "in the quarters of heaven." At one point, White seemingly launches into a stream of what's known in some religious groups as "speaking in tongues." 

She also includes a bit about angels being "dispatched from Africa right now," as well as some form of "angelic reinforcement" she claims will be coming from South America. Additionally, she makes mention of what she describes as "demonic confederacies" who are working "against the election."

As you can see, it's all pretty goddamn hilarious. Let's enjoy the resulting riffing:

As you may or may not recall, White commanded "all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now" back in January. This statement, in her own words, was made "in the name of Jesus."

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