Texas Bartender Faces Possible Jail Time for Serving Man Who Later Killed 8 People

The man killed his estranged wife and seven others the same night.


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A Texas bartender who served a man the same night the man fatally shot eight people in 2017 is now facing charges.

Lindsey Glass served Spencer Hight at a bar in Plano in September 2017, a visit during which Hight was said to be visibly drunk and at one point showed off weapons. The affidavit notes that Glass said in text messages that night that Hight was intoxicated, "being weird," and acting "psychoooooo" prior to the shooting. According to NBC News, Glass was arrested last week on a misdemeanor state alcoholic beverage code violation.

#ICYMI: #Plano bartender Lindsey Glass has been charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly over serving, Spencer Hight, the man who shot eight people at a Dallas Cowboy's watch party in 2017. Glass is facing up to a year in jail and a $500 fine. pic.twitter.com/bWVGAfd7p5

— Nicole Osei (@NicOseiNews) May 6, 2019

Glass now faces up to a year behind bars and/or a $500 fine for selling a drink to "a habitual drunkard or an intoxicated or insane person." Her attorney, however, has criticized this move by investigators by noting Glass' relationship with the eventual victims.

"It is shameful of the Plano Police Department to go after the person who was vital in trying to stop the horrific events of that evening," attorney Scott Palmer said, further characterizing Glass as the "only person" who tried to stop the man's actions.

Per a local report from KXAS-TV, Hight was ultimately found to have a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit when he fatally shot his estranged wife and seven others, all of whom had gathered for to watch a football game. According to Glass' attorney, Glass was friends with Meredith Hight and was originally expected to be at the same party. Hight later died during a police standoff.

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