Outages of Spotify and Other iOS Apps Linked to Facebook Problem

Facebook, of course, is always a problem in every possible way. Apple Music users, meanwhile, have spent the morning celebrating basic functionality.


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You surely don't need anyone to tell you this, but iPhone users were experiencing some serious functionality issues with Spotify and other required-for-basic-existence apps as of Friday morning.

Users took to Twitter and elsewhere to offer up public messages of mourning regarding the app-related fuckery. At the time of this writing, the DownDetector site showed a peak early Friday of nearly 13,000 reports of problems. Waze, Tinder, and other apps were also showing similar peaks.

As pointed out by the Verge's James Vincent, the iOS app crashes have already been linked to Facebook-related problems. Early reports suggest that the issue was due to Facebook's software development kit (SDK), which is notably used by a number of apps for login purposes.

In fact, though they failed to offer up specifics, a Facebook rep did concede on Friday that issues had been detected on their end.

"We're aware of some issues right now and are checking them out," a Spotify rep said amid outage complaints. In an update shared shortly before this article's publication, a rep for the streaming service said that users should now be experiencing a return to normal functionality.

Still, due to the inopportune timing of this fuck-up, the trove of complaints is worth a quick sampling:

The outage also resulted in dedicated Apple Music enthusiasts—this writer included—gloating about the streaming service's uninterrupted usability: 

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