Pornhub's Offering to Help Anyone Who 'Wants to Get Plowed' During Snowmageddon for Free

Pornhub is offering to plow snow for free in Boston and Jersey while somehow not imploding due to backed up plow puns.

Winter Storm Stella is currently ensuring snow haters all across the Northeast have a horrendous Tuesday, with multiple states under blizzard warning. But don't worry, fellow snow-averse humans. The popular adult education website Pornhub is here to help:

Pornhub has vowed to help anyone who "wants to get plowed" by sending out a fleet of branded trucks to clean up streets and parking lots in Boston, Boston Magazinereported Monday night. The plow-tastic service, which is not available for your driveway, is also being offered in New Jersey.

"As many people know, shoveling and plowing snow is an arduous task," Pornhub VP Corey Price told Complex Tuesday. "Coupled with the fact that Mother Nature can sometimes (like today) deliver a powerful Nor'Easter, with gale force winds and high snowfall totals, we thought it an opportune time to lend a helpful hand and plow our fans, courtesy of their favorite adult entertainment company." Price added that Pornhub is looking to "plow as much as(s)phalt as possible" during Stella's reign.

After witnessing a plowing, internet-conscious residents are encouraged to share plow-related photographs using the #PornhubPlows hashtag.

Pornhub, self-billed as "one of the most prolific adult websites," has made a habit of lending a helping hand or two in times of need. For example, the site's philanthropic sector, Pornhub Cares, supported testicular and prostate cancer research with its own Movember initiative last year. In partnership with the Movember Foundation, Pornhub matched every dollar (up to $50,000) donated via the Pornhub team. 

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