Pastor Apologizes for Calling Congregation ‘Broke’ and ‘Disgusting’ After Not Getting Him New Watch

The pastor in question found himself the subject of a viral clip after calling fellow worshipers "broke," among other adjectives. He's now apologized.

A pastor is seen speaking apologetically in a new video

Image via YouTube/Church at The Well Kansas City

A pastor is seen speaking apologetically in a new video

The Lord works in mysterious ways, including, apparently, calling people “broke” for not chipping in to help a pastor procure a new watch.

To be fair, the pastor in question—Carlton Funderburke—has now issued an apology video after a clip of the “broke” moment went viral.

“Though there is context behind the content of the clip, no context would suffice to explain the hurt and anguish caused by my words,” Funderburke, who serves as Senior Pastor of Church at the Well in Kansas City, said in a video shared Tuesday. “I have spoken to those I am accountable to and have received their correction and instruction. I have also privately apologized to our church who has extended their love and support to me.”

As seen on social media in recent days, Funderburke was previously filmed speaking to his congregation about “poor, broke, busted, and disgusting” individuals who were worthy of those descriptors due to, in his words, “how you been honoring me.” Mentioned in the same sermon was a Movado watch, which Funderburke said he had asked for one year prior yet still hadn’t received. Funderburke also made mention of “cheap sons and daughters” of the church.

Addressing the viral clip in his subsequent apology video, Funderburke said it “does not reflect my heart or my sentiments toward God’s people.” However, he admitted, this was “not discernible” in the clip itself.

“Therefore I offer this sincere apology to you today,” he added. “No context could erase the words I used. I apologize to all who have been hurt, angered, or in any way damaged by my words.” All told, Funderburke conceded, there is “no justification or defense” for his words.

“I deeply regret this moment,” he said toward the end of the apology video, which can be seen in full here.

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