Video Shows Man in Pursuit of Ultimate Leisure Enjoying Nude Bath Atop Burger King

Nothing inspires impromptu, heights-defying nudity quite like a finely flame-grilled beef patty.

Burger King paper bag discarded on grass, highlighting environmental issue of littering
Image via Getty/Matt Cardy
Burger King paper bag discarded on grass, highlighting environmental issue of littering

A much-discussed moment of burger-based nudity that should arguably be turned into a new ad campaign, but appears to be nothing more than sheer happenstance, is raising questions worldwide.

As reported by TMZ, as well as several outlets outside the U.S., the nakedness in question occurred at a Burger King restaurant in Envigado, an area in Colombia located south of Medellín. Footage shows the daringly nude individual on the roof of the restaurant, at one point opting for a quick bath, of sorts, inside one of the establishment’s water tanks.

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View this video on YouTube

Video via Blu Radio

Amazingly, the unclothedness did not transpire in the evening hours, with the man instead opting to embark on this mini-adventure in the middle of the day. Per reports, the Burger King location where this took place was “temporarily closed” following the incident, with a rep saying in a subsequent statement that the rooftop water tank was in no way involved with the restaurant’s day-to-day food processes.

Complex has reached out to Burger King reps for comment. This story may be updated.

This isn't the first example of Burger King and nudity colliding across headlines. Back in 2018, for example, a drunk man in Illinois was reported to have stripped naked amid frustrations over a Burger King being closed at two o'clock in the morning. This isn't even the first big buck ass naked saga of 2024.

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