Who Wants to Go to the Four Seasons Orlando? This Baby Does

One baby’s clear and enthusiastic response about wanting to enjoy the comforts of Four Seasons Orlando is eliciting a range of reactions.

A man wearing a white shirt holds a baby in a diaper. Next to them, there is a sign that reads "Four Seasons Resort" in front of a large building
Images via @sobrizzle on TikTok & Getty/Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service
A man wearing a white shirt holds a baby in a diaper. Next to them, there is a sign that reads "Four Seasons Resort" in front of a large building

World, meet the real "Million Dollar Baby."

As you’ve no doubt seen everywhere you look in recent days, a baby with decidedly expensive taste, not to mention a surprisingly confident command of the English language, has effectively orchestrated the attention of the planet by way of some Four Seasons-focused excitement.

In short, the baby in question is the scene-stealing star of a you-seriously-can’t-avoid-it-even-if-you-wanted-to TikTok in which a woman is heard off-camera asking, "Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?" At this point in the clip, the baby, described in the caption of the post as @sobrizzle’s niece, defiantly holds up a finger and replies, without hesitation, "Me!"

Of note, Four Seasons Orlando is located at the Walt Disney World Resort, which could perhaps explain the baby's excitement.


If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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Now, to be clear, if you’ve never attempted to converse with a baby, just know that there’s not usually much room for variance in terms of how that goes. Namely, responses are typically limited to wordless nonsense, if you’re lucky, and a far more invasive form of communication (i.e. bodily functions of every possible variety and severity) if you’re not.

This contributes greatly to the worldwide question mark raised by the viral Four Seasons baby, who appears to have truly hit the ground running with the development of their personal lodging preferences. Chief among such inquiries, arguably, is one downright disconcerting head-scratcher: Is this baby really living a better life than me?

Ponder that, and more, with a journey into the collective madness of society below.

This why that baby was so ready to go to the Four Seasons Orlando https://t.co/IGKu5Ox6ny

— aaron jo. (@_aasimp) May 20, 2024


— david (@davidefinitely) May 20, 2024

me and that baby at the Four Seasons Orlando pic.twitter.com/KEJgRKffWt

— jeremy allen black (@blackcindyy) May 20, 2024

just stopped by the four seasons orlando and that baby was sitting by the hotel bar sipping on an old fashioned while trying to solve the NYT crossword puzzle https://t.co/pha82F8SiE

— chefkids (@girlflopping) May 18, 2024

Youngest Sheldon

— Adrienne/Aly(they/she)🍉 (@adrienneyeets26) May 20, 2024

the way he concentrates, recognises a question is being asked, and waits until she finishes speaking to answer. wow. a baby that stays mindful of why he was invited into this world https://t.co/aTpPRZTxDb

— 🥷🏿 (@kftwt) May 19, 2024

In 2017 this baby would be invited to Ellen pic.twitter.com/3rQEDbOS7m

— PRlSTlN chart updates ‼️ (@jellireturns) May 19, 2024

I really hope that baby has a good time at the Four Seasons.

— Mel 🤭 (@TheBaddestMitch) May 20, 2024

“who wants to go to the four seasons orlando?” pic.twitter.com/26BWoO1oo9

— ava (@18kiwis) May 19, 2024

that one baby to the four seasons orlando staff pic.twitter.com/QlSZiitAh2

— vincent⸆⸉ (@vincentprologo) May 19, 2024

The baby when asked who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?pic.twitter.com/68qgMPtCSO

— Jian Piero Ledezma (@JianPiero) May 20, 2024

that baby showing up to the four seasons orlando pic.twitter.com/LREFSkaSm6

— 🏋️‍♀️🦛 (@himbopottomus) May 20, 2024

that one baby going to the Four Seasons Orlando: https://t.co/3OBjZxAmnM

— Tess Garcia (@HiThisIsTess) May 19, 2024

Let the record show that I am not a baby, at least not in the traditional sense, but I too would very much like to stay at the Four Seasons in Orlando, or any Four Seasons in any location for that matter. If anyone at Four Seasons is reading this, and I am confident that someone at the luxury hotel company most certainly is, then please feel free to reach out and fulfill my wish to dabble in the enviably top-tier lifestyle for which this baby seems destined.

As expected, Four Seasons Orlando swiftly responded to this particular baby's moment of instant and inescapable fame, with the location's manager telling TMZ the team was "blown away" by the enthusiasm but "not surprised" that the video had become so widely shared across social media. As for whether some sort of a collaborative effort could be born out of such attention, the manager seems open to the possibility.

"Obviously, not something we’ve considered in the past, but why not?" he said. "We’ll look into the credentials and the résumé of the baby."

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