Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Apologizes to Stormy Daniels for Putting Her Through 'Needless Pain'

Daniels and Michael Cohen talked all things Trump on the latter's Mea Culpa' podcast. During the conversation, Daniels also spoke on the alleged 2006 affair.


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Michael Cohen, a former attorney for single-term POTUS Donald J. Trump, has directly apologized to Stormy Daniels.

During a discussion conducted as part of Cohen’s Mea Culpa podcast, per the Associated Press, Cohen apologized to Daniels for “the needless pain” he put her through in connection with the reported arrangement of a $130,000 payment to keep her silent about an alleged 2006 affair with Trump.

Cohen was released from prison for a second time last July after a judge ruled that he had been returned to the facility as retaliation for his plans for a book. He was previously sentenced to three years behind bars in connection with pleading guilty to campaign finance-related charges, among other things, and is currently on home confinement. 

In his talk with Daniels, which will be released in full Monday night, Cohen said both of their stories are “forever linked” with Trump and also with each other.

Daniels also spoke on the alleged 2006 sexual encounter in question, calling it the “worst 90 seconds of my life…because it just made me hate myself.” Though she says she didn’t feel “physically threatened,” she had not entered the situation expecting to have sex with Trump. 

“I could definitely outrun him,” she said when noting that she had considered how she could escape the room she and Trump were in together at the time.

Looking ahead, Daniels—who previously sued Trump for defamation—said her battle is “just now starting.”

Last October, New York socialite Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released a secret recording in which Melania Trump was reportedly heard referring to Daniels as “the porn hooker.” Notably, the recording was released via Cohen’s podcast. 

In recent days, Daniels has been publicly questioning why Twitter decided to remove her verification on the platform, stating that she has received no information from site reps about the decision:

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