Biden Cornily Co-Opts Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef to Diss Trump With "Euphoria" Lyrics

The literal 2020 repeat continues to be as boring, predictable, and pandering as ever.

Side-by-side comparison of Joe Biden looking surprised and Donald Trump speaking
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Side-by-side comparison of Joe Biden looking surprised and Donald Trump speaking

It’s been a minute since I’ve had the honor to wield the power of a vomiting Roger Sterling, but it is with a somewhat reluctant urgency that I must do so today.

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Hell, for that matter, I’m also going to simultaneously wield the power of a vomiting Don Draper, because what we’re about to get into warrants nothing less.

As you may have seen, and the world envies you if you’ve been successful in avoiding it, the Biden-Harris administration has again plummeted into the distinct variety of cornballery we’ve all sadly come to expect from both sides of the proverbial aisle by attempting to co-opt Drake and Kendrick Lamar's historic beef.

This week, the official @bidenharrishq Instagram account shared a brief slideshow-style video soundtracked by an excerpt from Kendrick’s "euphoria" diss. Specifically, the clip focuses on Kendrick’s DMX-inspired moment of expressing "hate" for the way that Drake walks, talks, dresses, and sneak-disses.

Captions in the video, meanwhile, build on these lyrics with criticisms of how Trump has handled key issues in the U.S. alongside images of the former POTUS and steak salesman.

To be clear, Trump is a scourge in every sense of the word, and there’s some ammo left to point to Biden as the better option of two depressingly bad choices. But this latest social media stunt highlights a key problem with American politics at large. Biden, presumably, would want to have young people on his side as he nears a potential second term, yet his team insists on doing repulsively lame shit like this Drake and Kendrick thing instead of saying something young people actually want to hear, like, say, directly condemning police who were recently seen meeting protesters with familiar intimidation tactics and escalations.

Old man yells at the sky, sure. We all see versions of that daily. But old man yells at the very people without whom his platform wouldn’t exist? That’s a different beast entirely. The veil has lifted on American politics, making pandering more strikingly obvious than ever before, yet it seems the only people not aware of this fact are the politicians themselves. But as seen amid protesters’ signs in recent weeks, come November, those at the receiving end of such policies will most certainly remember.

Trump, meanwhile, is currently in the middle of a hush money trial while his own re-election strategy has predictably taken on cornball-aligned strategies not unlike those being employed by Biden, like having Akademiks interview one of his sons and popping up at Sneaker Con.

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