Amazon Just Joined Apple in the Trillion-Dollar Market Value Club

Jeff Bezos no longer has to eat from the dollar menu, as his company Amazon has hit a trillion-dollar market value. Last month, Apple earned the same distinction.

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Amazon, perhaps best known as the most enjoyable and/or terrifying place to shop while drunk, is now in the trillion-dollar club.

Jeff Bezos' company became the second publicly traded U.S. company to hit a $1 trillion market value, NBC Newsreported Tuesday. Last month, Apple earned the same trillion-dollar distinction. Simultaneously, I ate a lot of veganized Dollar Cravings menu items from Taco Bell and got wasted on comped High Life. It's the little things.


Bezos, of course, is also—perBloomberg—the richest human in history. However, I doubt he'll accept this extremely reasonable challenge: Find me on Twitter, ask for my PayPal, then hit me with any amount of money between $100 and $1 trillion. Your move, Jeff.

It’s a big accomplishment for Jeff Bezos, who is the world’s wealthiest person

— Bloomberg Quicktake (@Quicktake) September 4, 2018

Speaking on his approach to business matters with Forbes last month, Bezos explained why he doesn't give much though to quarterly earnings reports and whatnot. "Friends congratulate me after a quarterly-earnings announcement and say, 'Good job, great quarter,' and I'll say, 'Thank you, but that quarter was baked three years ago,'" he said. "I'm working on a quarter that'll happen in 2021 right now."

The Amazon empire has fairly recently grown to become a serious competitor in the streaming business. Upcoming series include The Romanoffs, Homecoming, King Lear, Forever, and Modern Love. Amazon Studios is also behind this month's Life Itself, a comedy-drama entry starring Antonio Banderas, Olivia Wilde, and Oscar Isaac.

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