You’ll Never Fly Again After Seeing This Ridiculously Long Airport Security Line

Passengers were upset about the long security line at Chicago Midway International Airport on Thursday.

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One observationally skilled YouTuber did everyone a solid on Thursday by capturing the raw annoyance of enduring long AF airport security lines in one (equally long AF) video. Sean H, whose video landed on Reddit before quickly garnering more than a million views, captured the excruciating visuals at Chicago Midway International Airport. Fittingly, this understandably peeved individual captioned the video "TSA are you f***ing kidding me?" No, Sean H. The TSA is, sadly, not f***ing kidding you.

As the video drags on and on, Sean H's perplexed fellow passengers can be seen expressing their innermost sorrows in surprisingly public ways:

Sick sadness pose. Others, however, were apparently just thrilled to land in someone's inevitable viral smash:

Though ABC 7 in Chicago confirmed the lines were back to normal by 10 p.m., headache-inducing traffic jams are apparently a frequent occurrence at the airport:

Also worth gasping at? They apparently have something called a "pay phone":

The Chicago Midway International Airport did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment, though we're assuming it has nothing to do with this mysterious "pay phone" device.

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