Canada Is Better at Wordle Than the United States: Study

A Twitter analysis shows that Canada can guess the daily word in Wordle in less guesses on average than their American neighbours, according to a new study.

A phone being held by a person with Wordle being played on it

Image via Getty/Mike Kemp

A phone being held by a person with Wordle being played on it

Canadians are claiming a certain five letter word lately: BOAST. Turns out, we’re better at playing Wordle than our American neighbors down south. 

A recent WordTips data lookover shows that Canadians guess the daily word in less tries than people living in the United States. While Canada can crack the crossword craze sweeping the globe in 3.9 guesses on average, it takes Americans 3.92.

Toronto is the best city in the country at Wordle, beating Vancouver only by a sweaty 0.3 guesses. Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton came in third, fourth, and fifth respectively. While Toronto might take gold in Canada, it only ranks 25th in cities around the world.

WordTips got their data from the place most people discovered Wordle—Twitter. If you’ve gone from wondering what those squares dominating your timeline meant from tweeting out your own victory every morning, you could help decrease your city or country’s guess count.

Despite beating the United States, Canada only ranks 17th on the global Wordle scale. Sweden is the world’s best country at Wordle, getting the daily word correct in an average of 3.72 guesses.

Hey, colour isn’t a five letter word over here; maybe Canadians are just trying to spell things right.

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