Police Forced to Break Up Protests Outside Donald Trump Rallies

Tensions between Donald Trump supporters and protesters escalated to a boiling point during two rallies in Washington on Saturday.

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Protests broke out in Washington State during two consecutive Donald Trump rallies in Lynden and Spokane on Saturday. The GOP candidate's protesters and supporters both grew impassioned and police were forced to intervene.

During his speech at the Spokane Convention Center in the afternoon, Trump asked security to remove a protester from the audience. 

As he arrived in Lynden, protesters blocked the highway, forcing him to take a different route. 

During his speech at Lynden, he pushed his plan of building a wall between the United States and Mexico and complained that refugees and immigrants were coming into Washington. 

Anti-Trump protesters yelled "stop him!" while a supporter yelled "build the wall!"

At one point, the police formed a barricade to break up face-offs between Trump's protesters and supporters. 

With Trump's status as the GOP nominee virtually secured, the fervency of his supporters and his opposition shows no signs of dying down. 

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