Jeffrey Dahmer’s House Is Up for Rent During the Republican National Convention

The home is where Dahmer committed his first murder. Cozy!

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The annual Republican National Convention always attracts some weird press. Whether it's porn stars imitating reality or the stripper market losing some serious stacks because Republicans aren't really into that sort of thing, the RNC never fails to get attention for subjects other than what actually goes on at the conventions. 

This year the convention is being held in Ohio, and while the members are buzzed for the convention itself, everyone else is concerned with the the childhood home of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. The 2200-square-foot site surrounded by 1.5 acres of land has been listed for rent—just in time for the convention in Cleveland. It is situated in Bath, some 26 miles south of the city. 

Reuters reports that it was originally listed for $8000 per month with the description, "mid-century modern home with a true park-like setting. Smoking and animals okay. This is Jeffrey Dahmer‘s childhood home. Close to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Montrose shopping. Easy access to I-77 highway."

The listing was removed not long after, only to be reposted with a $2000-per-month increase minus the line about, you know, a cannibalistic serial killer having lived there. In fact, this very house was where Dahmer committed his first murder at the age of 18 after picking up teenage hitchhiker Steven Hick for sex and beating him up with a barbell when they arrived. It was listed on the market in 2012 for $329,000, which was apparently a steal for the area and home, but its association brought the value down (understandably).

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