TikTok Celebs: 21 Entertaining Accounts to Follow, Right Now

From Saweetie to Jason Derulo, these celebrities are successfully using TikTok to provide entertaining laughs, life commentary, exclusives & more.

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Admit it, you joined TikTok for entertainment purposes but quickly found out just how vast this platform can become, since quarantine. With about 1 billion active monthly members, TikTok has played an instrumental part in creating another revenue for music artists to boast plays and the charts. The app has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times with stars like Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and DaBaby benefitting from TikTok members who use their music to create viral choreography. But there’s more than dance moves that have encouraged users to sign-up. 

TikTok has been vital in politics, cultural shifts, and social issues such as the 2020 presidential election. Hashtags used to benefit both president candidates have generated over 20 billion views! Dancing sensation Jalaiah Harmon rose to fame with the Renegade dance to the hit song “Renegade (Lottery)” by K-Camp, which afforded her multiple sponsorships along with a trip to the NBA All-Star game and the Ellen show. The “Buss It” Challenge, which has taken mobile screens by storm, is trending in heavy part thanks to TikTok and the ingenuity of its online community. So much that TikTok influencers are known to make upward of $150,000; the possibilities are endless on the app.  

If you're hesitant on whether to join the bandwagon, fear no more! Below you’ll find 21 of the most entertaining celebrities who not only provide laughs, but also life commentary, intimate family moments, and brand exclusives on TikTok.

Daymond John (@thesharkdaymond)

Followers: 74,000


One of the biggest moments in #FUBU history 🙌🏾

♬ original sound - Daymond John

Everyone needs a little inspiration on social media so why not follow the man behind one of Black culture’s defining clothing labels, FUBU, Daymond John? The serial entrepreneur is now a star on Shark Tank. If you ever wanted to pitch an idea, following this investor might be one of your best bets. 

Big Sean (@bigSean)

Followers: 278,000


I don’t like sushi @jheneaiko

♬ Body Language - Big Sean

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are serious couple goals and throughout his profile you're sure to see her.  After his first platinum album in 2011, Big Sean has sustained his career with multiple albums (two alongside Jhene), dope guest features, and contributing to Detroit’s Black and mental health community. Just recently, Big Sean signed on with the Detroit Pistons as the creative director of innovation.

City Girls (@citygirls)

Followers: 712,900 

Who doesn’t want to be a City Girl or Boy? The quarantine may have stopped us from running the streets but we can live vicariously through JT and Yung Mami as they twerk, issue fan challenges, and live life to the fullest. Period.

Druski (@druskitv)

Followers: 785,800



♬ original sound - DRUSKI

Druski has emerged as one of social media’s easily identifiable comedians with his frat boy skits, “CouldaBeen Records” live shows, and moments hanging out with Drake. His comedic genius is undeniable and with a year like 2020, we all deserve a laugh.

Rico Nasty (@riconasty)

Followers: 980,100

Ever since Rico Nasty went viral for returning to her man, I was a fan because let’s be honest, we’ve all had our clown moments in relationships. Her TikTok boasts more than just relationship content, Rico Nasty premiers her new music, fan meet and greets, and the typical TikTok dance moves.

Offset (@offsetyrn)

Followers: 993,700 

One-third of the multi-platinum selling rap group, Migos, Offset is one of the more outspoken members of the famed trio. His TikTok boasts videos of his young rich life and accepting rap, or wrap, plus battles with his wife.

Mulatto (@mulatto)

Followers: 1.8 million


OUT THE DRESSING ROOM PLEASE!! #mulatto #biglatto #fromdasouf #playersclub #HowTo rollerskating CurlsCheck

♬ original sound - solofrmcali

The self proclaimed “B**ch From Da Souf” is a newcomer to the rap game after doing multiple covers from hip-hop stars such as Trina, Saweetie, and Gucci. Mulatto’s TikTok features renditions of popular movies such as PlayersClub and inside looks into her daily life. 

Swae Lee (@swaelee)

Followers: 1.9 million

One half of the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee takes you behind the scenes of his music career and personal life. The hip-hop star is most known for showing fans instruction videos of his beat making process and life in the studio. Also, he owns a pet monkey; that alone deserves a follow.

Saweetie (@officialsaweetie)

Followers: 3.0 million

We may not be able to get back to the streets just yet, but Saweetie keeps us more than entertained through her social media platforms. The Bay Area native has emerged as a top tier content creator during quarantine providing fans with “Icy Girl” tips, viral dance moves, and impeccable fashion.

Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

Followers: 4.6 million


Trying to get this Tik Tak together 😩

♬ original sound - Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown seems to have mastered the virtual hug with her videos of vegan cooking (carrot bacon, anyone?), daily inspirations, and weekly shows with her family. Her best piece of advice for those who have yet to follow her? “Have a good day, and if you can’t, don’t you dare go messing up anyone else’s.”

Jabbawockeez (@jabbawockeez)

Followers: 4.9 million


Our “Jabba Switchway” emote on @fortnite is OUT NOW for only a few more hours! Make sure to buy it in-game 🔥🙏 LET’S GOOOO! #fortnite #gaming

♬ original sound - JABBAWOCKEEZ

Blasting onto the scene in 2006, the Jabbawockeez have stayed relevant since then and remained true to their brand identity—incredible dance moves behind a white mask. Their TikTok displays dancing, hit collaborations with stars such as Hip-Hop Harry, and a kick ass sneaker collection.

Lil Yachty (@lilyachty)

Followers: 5.6 million

Probably one of the most relatable rap stars, Lil Yachty’s TikTok does not boast your normal flashy posts. Instead, he caters content to and for his fans. The multitalented artist can be seen stitching with fans as they react to his songs, rap battles, or the occasional speeding arrests. Intimately, you will see him with his family celebrating holidays and birthdays.

Megan Thee Stallion (@theestallion)

Followers: 6.1 million

There might not be a word to describe the sound she makes when she sticks out her tongue, but you get it. Her style, swag, and of course body is everything. Megan Thee Stallion’s incredible success on TikTok led to her being crowned the most listened to artist on the app with multiple songs going viral such as “Savage,” “WAP,” and  “Body.” “Savage” alone reached 30 million views.

DoggFace (420doggface208)

Followers: 6.4 million

Nathan Apodaca aka DoggFace had no clue TikTok would change his life forever but in six short months, he saw instant fame. In September 2020, DoggFace shot his usual video,enjoying a classic song while skateboarding around town. This time, he did so with a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice; the video went viral instantly. Before the video, Nathan didn’t have electricity or running water, but thanks to Ocean Spray, he was able to buy a home, and received a brand new car. Following this self-proclaimed “dancing thug” will keep you grooving!

Bill Nye (@billnye)

Followers: 6.8 million


I don’t know who needs to hear this but... #masks work. Wear one. Carry on... #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Bill Nye

Bill Nye brings back childhood nostalgia with continued simplifications of science and has helped us navigate quarantine. Nye showcases different science experiments and how to properly wear your mask because pandemic.

Cardi B (@iamcardib)

Followers: 6.9 million


Bet @offsеtyrn can’t beat me at this @tiktok WrapBattle. #sponsored

♬ #WrapBattle - Cardi B vs. Offset

Cardi B is entertainment, regardless of the platform. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, Cardi is providing fans with new outtakes on her songs, fashion, and hair tutorials. But her best content comes from her rap battles with husband, Offset.

Post Malone (@postmalone)

Followers: 8.1 million


“alexa, play america’s sweetheart.” @amazonmusicofficial

♬ original sound - Post Malone

Get an in-depth look into one of rap’s leading stars, Post Malone. The California native gives you an inside look into some of rap’s most exclusive parties, award shows, and intimate moments with fans.

Gordon Ramsay (@gordonramsayofficial)

Followers: 17.8 million


#duet with @maxthemeatguy A meat tree ? This deserved a #duet and you can get one too. Share your own recipe video with #BountyReacts #BountyPartner

♬ original sound - Max The Meat Guy

There are millions of people watching you cook but how often do you get a world-renowned chef to critique your meal? Insert Gordon Ramsay. His fiery personality is displayed perfectly as he harshly critiques different user meals and true to his nature, most of them are regarded as “merely disgusting.”

Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

Followers: 26.3 million

Whether you want to admit it or not, the Kardashians will forever be a guilty pleasure, but the best one to follow is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie. If you don’t care about her brand, dancing, or occasional Travis Scott sighting, Stormi videos alone will make the following worthwhile. 

Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)

Followers: 42.2 million


@joeldesrouleaux @kingbach @mrmovi3 😂😂😂 #ourtype

♬ It's Tricky - RUN DMC

Let’s acknowledge that Jason Derulo does literally everything. This is the TikTok account that celebs and fans alike imitate but can't quite seem to duplicate... except maybe Will Smith who often collabs with Derulo. Derulo has mastered TikTok and deserves your follow. 

Will Smith (@willsmith)

Followers: 46.2 million


I don’t remember making this...? @chrisashley


When Will Smith joined social media, it seems the complexity of social media interactions and the scale of production went up a notch. Smith has mastered transitions, cameos, and family adventures, which include diving with sharks and skydiving from planes! But don’t get it twisted, he’s still the same kid from West Philly.

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