Wall Street Traders Reportedly Boo, Yell 'Lock Her Up!' During Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech

During Hillary Clinton's concession speech, Wall Street traders reportedly booed the presidential candidate and chanted "lock her up!"

Image via WikiCommons

Image via WikiCommons

Image via WikiCommons

Donald Trump's victory in last night's presidential election prompted a significant drop in the stock market, and the Mexican peso in particular plummeted. But instead of focusing on that, some Wall Street traders were busy booing Hillary Clinton and chanting "lock her up!" during her concession speech.

According to CNN Money, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange erupted in boos during Hillary Clinton's concession speech Wednesday morning. As Clinton graciously accepted defeat, some Wall Street traders started chanting, "lock her up!" Shouts of "loser!" and "liar!" were also heard during Clinton's speech. Another floor trader yelled, "Ding-dong, the witch is dead."

Business Insider reports that Tim Kaine, who opened for Clinton, was booed as well.

Given that Clinton is facing this extreme hostility after losing the election, some on Twitter wondered how bad it would've been if Clinton had become the first woman to be elected president:

Others saw the boos as a sign of "Trump's USA":

Journalist Joan Walsh noted that "economic anxiety," which is often used to explain Trump's support, doesn't really make sense when it comes to Trump's Wall Street supporters: 

Another writer suggested the traders should "trade some stock for dignity."

CBS News reports that it was "just a few loud traders" who were jeering Clinton, not a significant number of people. Fortunately, the stock market does appear to have returned to normal, despite last night's scares.

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