This Woman Got Caught F*cking a Dinosuar

This woman really f*ucked a dinosaur.

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While you're traversing these wild and dangerous internets, you're bound to scroll past something you definitely weren't trying to see. This story might take the cake this week, as an English woman was snapped with her dress hiked up, apparently doing the nasty with the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a dinosaur trail.

Exmouth's Dinosaur Trail was opened earlier this summer, and has 17 life-size dinosaurs on it. While the other reports of vandalism have involved people damaging the actual dinosaurs, one woman in particular was on some other shit. While her identity has been hidden, her crime lives on, with the image of her dastardly deed spreading across social media earlier this week.

Was she hopped up on some pills? Horny and alone? Was it a prank gone horribly wrong? As of right now, nobody knows. Parents aren't happy about this though, with one parent telling the Daily Star that they "worry as children play with these dinosaurs, I was disgusted. I feel sick to think that children are anywhere near that."

It might be hard to find the alleged baby T.Rex fucker, but they did go ahead and clean up the unsuspecting dino with, as they put it, "strong disinfectant." At least they did that much.

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