'Nobody's Really Gonna Pay Attention to This': #UberBae on Her Wild Twitter Tale

#UberBae opens up about being the latest viral story on Twitter.


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I doubt anyone wakes up in the morning saying, "I wish a story about my relationship would go viral on Twitter today." At least, that's the feeling I got pretty immediately when speaking with Bree, aka the woman the internet now knows as #UberBae. Her story about picking up a woman who ended up being her (now ex-)boyfriend's side chick has gone viral. But truth be told, it feels like she just wants things to go back to when she had followers but wasn't a trending topic.

After confirming that she was cool to talk about this situation, Bree opened up about the tale, which was posted within hours of the situation going down earlier this week. She was open to talking about everything, from how she could pull up to her ex-boyfriend's apartment complex without knowing it to how her family has reacted to this story going ham. Sometimes, an interesting night in Florida can turn into a story you're OK with sharing, but not necessarily blowing up. We salute you, #UberBae, and hopefully other women can learn from you sharing your story.

I'm imagining you're getting a lot of people hitting you about your Twitter story. Is it weird? Are you feeling overwhelmed about people being so involved in this story? 
Um... I didn't want my parents to find out. That's number one. And then, the people at the church found out. 

Oh no.
Yeah. They were really upset. 

What made you decide to go off on Twitter about this story?
It's the only place to vent where people can make a joke out of a serious situation to kinda make you at ease. I just didn't expect so many people to go crazy. 

When did you know that it started going viral? 
My best friend—the girl I called. She started sending me the links. She was like, "Oh my god. Oh my god." And then, my brother, he was like, "Could you— you need to delete this before somebody else finds out." I was like, it's already too late. My mom is like an avid Facebook user and I guess [it got] reposted and she saw it. 

Is posting these kinds of stories something you do often?
I've talked about my ex-boyfriend in the past, but nobody's really paid attention, so I just thought, "This time, nobody's really gonna pay attention to this," and that's what happened. I've seen other people post stories on there and....[laughs].

How long ago did this happen?
It literally happened about...this is was the day before— two days ago? 

Oh, so you literally like, got home and just started tweeting.
Tweeted as it happened, an hour after it happened. 

There were some tweets where you were posting up the text messages from your ex about the other woman's luggage. Do you still have her luggage in your car—or in your possession?
So...she did call the police. There is a police report filed. So, what I told them, 'cause she has no proof that I have her things, was "I do believe somebody left something in my car when they came to my job," and it was a bag. A trash bag, basically, is what I gave them. Her luggage—what luggage?

Were there are any charges being filed against you?
No. It's just a complaint file, basically. If something else happens, the police officer let me know that it would be civil. She would have to press charges and go to court. But she can't press charges against me! She charged at me first. That apartment complex has, like, heavy cameras to see that. 

Are you still planning on getting money via Uber as a side gig?
No. So, Uber—she put a one star and I guess they asked her what happened. She filed a complaint against me. She's supposed to be sending them a police report saying I stole her things and a whole bunch of stuff. So, until this is all—they said I need to start answering in order to get back on the road to start earning money. They shut me down. 

Is this a situation where you might just go hop on Lyft—
I'm not gonna hop to anything anymore. I had gotten accepted on Uber a month ago. I had just tried it for the last two days like, on some, "Let me see what this is about. I have the app, I'm in the car. Why not? My man's away. Let me do it." 

Walk us through what you were feeling, emotionally, when you were approaching what ended up being your boyfriend's apartment.
So, I didn't know we were going to my man's house. Where those apartments are built, they just built a complex right behind it, and that gate leads to that other apartment complex. As we're riding through, we just stop, and she's like, "I think this is his car." I look, and this is his car. I'm like...wait. Then, I see him coming out, and I'm like, "Oh, no. Are you deadass?" Like, I literally yelled, "ARE YOU DEADASS?," got out the car, and ran towards him. I beat him to the door. He had no chance. 

You were posting texts from him on Twitter. Have you two spoken about this after the situation calmed down?
He's been texting me question marks, asking to come over and talk civilized. Asking me to still bring her luggage back. Talking about, "She left, she's mad at me." I just feel like, at this point, he's still protecting her, and I've been his girl for years. To me, that's the most hurtful thing. The thing I've been asking from him the most is for him to protect me, and he's not even doing that. He's protecting somebody else for—I don't even know how long he's known this girl. She said she hasn't seen him in a while, so I'm guessing they knew each other for a while. 

Are there any times in the past where you felt like, "oh, shit, he might be dealing with another woman"?
[It's more] things he would do. Disappearing..he has cheated in the past, but it was not with this girl. I was contacted by another girl on Twitter about him. 

Did she contact you after this whole story came through?
No, she contacted me way before. This was way before this incident. It was another incident prior to this one. He did something with another girl. This girl contacted me and we literally were going back and forth. I'm one of those people—I won't let people know I'm intimidated or I'm mad or sad about something. So, I'm just like, "Oh, let's all go to lunch together. We can talk this out. We can have a threesome—just being funny!" She's calling me sick. So, even after that incident, and we rekindled, it was like, "I'm not gonna go through his phone anymore, I'm not gonna look through this things." It's 'cause this is somebody I wanted to be happy with, and going through his things just was a sign of me not trusting him. 

I can't imagine. You said you've been texting, but you're not even trying to deal with him anymore?
No. Not at all. His mom even threatened me in text messages. He took it to a level of getting his mom on the phone and she's talking about if I post pictures of him, if I say his name, she's gonna sue me. It's just crazy. It was just a tweet that just went out of hand. 

So, after all of this dies down, are you just trying to live your life right now? Just trying to just keep it low-key?
I have another job. I work for a corporation. I'm an auditor. I don't just—I wasn't just driving for Uber. I don't know why people are coming in my inbox insinuating I'm poor or something. I mean, driving for Uber doesn't make you poor. It's a way to make money, and that's all it was. I have another job, so I didn't expect that. I have to go to work today and my coworkers are now texting me about it. I don't use my real name online, either. It's like a mixture of my name and my @ name. My job is really important to me. 

I saw some people questioning you and the story, but this is in fact, real? None of this is made up?
This is one hundred percent real. One hundred percent. I guess people thought it was fake because they're like, "How don't you know your man's address?" It's an apartment complex address, not the apartment number. I just believe it was like, fate, and God trying to tell me to finally leave him alone. 

I saw one tweet that said something to the effect of "if you learn anything from the #UberBae story, it's that the universe puts you exactly where you need to be, wherever you are," so it's a probably a mix of fate and karma and all that stuff that was the last straw that you needed. That's a crazy situation to deal with.
I definitely told everybody, "I'm not trying to capitalize or make money off of anything. I had followers way before this." I just got more because people reached out to me and females really could relate to it and they just followed me. I'm not asking them to follow me. I'm not posting businesses. I'm not posting links or anything to nothing to capitalize off of it. Just the story. 

Now, finally with this situation blowing up the way it was, would you think twice if you had a similar situation that you wanted to vent about on Twitter?
Yeah. I'm definitely not posting anything else.

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