Horrifying Video Shows Teen Jumping to His Death in Snapchat Stunt Gone Wrong

A teen filming a stunt for Snapchat leapt to his death in a Singapore mall.

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Last Friday, 17-year-old teen Jonathan Chow fell to his death after a Snapchat stunt went horribly wrong.

According to his friend Ruth, who was filming the stunt, Chow decided to jump over a rail in a Singapore mall and land on a ledge that he believed was made of concrete. The ledge was actually made of plasterboard, and could not support his weight; Chow ended up falling four floors.

"We both thought the ledge was made of concrete, but when he jumped, he fell straight through," Ruth told a local outlet TODAY. "I knew it was dangerous, but before I could stop him, he already jumped over."

In security camera footage, you can see Ruth's shocked reaction to Chow's fall.

The situation has caused a heated debate on Facebook, with people wondering who to place the blame on. Many believe that the mall is at fault. "To give an illusion that the [ledge] was concrete was a foolish thing," one commenter says. "[A] sign should have been placed there lest people attempt to retrieve fallen items. A young life gone too soon."

Others think that Chow himself is to blame, nothing that, "A glass barrier of 1.2m was [there]... the fault lies entirely on the teen himself and nobody else." Some blame what they call the "YOLO generation," where people try to one-up stunts they see on social media.

The fact of the matter is that another person is dead for trying to go viral. This has to stop.

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