'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Punches Passenger on Airplane—and There's Video Footage

The 13-year-old "Cash Me Ousside" girl got into it with a passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight.

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When that viral fame hits, it's hard to stay out of the spotlight, especially when you're a lit teenager who's known for popping off at the mouth on national television.

Danielle Bregoli, the 13-year-old girl at the center of the "Cash Me Ousside" meme, was recorded getting into it with a passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight out of Los Angeles last night. According to TMZ, the above situation started when Danielle's mother, Barbara, got into a conflict with a passenger while she was putting her carry-on bag in an overhead compartment. Due to the cast she has on her foot, it was taking a long time, and the other passenger wasn't having it, which caused an argument between Danielle, her mother Barbara, and the other woman, who was just as lit as Danielle.

Lit Danielle said the woman grabbed her mother by the throat, so she started swinging, which is reasonable. Unfortunately, a citizen's arrest was made on Danielle at some point (people still do that?), and all three of the women were escorted off of the flight by police.

No charges were filed, but from the sounds of it, everyone involved is lawyering up.

Now we're not sure if Danielle's lit-ness rubs off on people, or if they f*cked with the wrong one, but she was talking about being a "cop's wife" and that they "assaulted" her, but then started spitting at Danielle and calling her a "w*gger."

Danielle also took some time out to explain what happened in the video, just in case you didn't see her punch a woman on an airplane already. Her commentary is just as insane as you'd expect it to be.

Whatever the situation is, Danielle is rumored to be hitting The Dr. Phil Show in the very near future. Gotta reap the benefits of this viral craze.

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