Twitter Will Now Let You Flag Multiple Tweets While Reporting Harassment

Bye, trolls.

Image via Flickr

If you’ve ever dealt with a troll on Twitter, you know just how difficult it is to get rid of them. Sure, you can block the user or make your account private, but those are minimal options when you have an angry hoard shooting vitriol in your general direction. Rachel Ray, who recently felt the wrath of Beyonce’s Beyhive after being mistaken for Rachel Roy as the alleged "Becky with the good hair" mistress, certainly knows the feeling.

However, it looks like Twitter is finally stepping up to deal with the growing issue, the Daily Dotreports. On Monday, the social media company announced they were making advances on their antiquated reporting system and will begin allowing users to cite multiple tweets in a single report. It’s a huge step since most instances of harassment occur over multiple tweets (trolls have a lot of feelings, okay?) and the old way forced users to report each tweet individually. That made it especially hard for those looking at the report to get the whole picture.  

This comes after the company revealed a Trust and Safety council devoted to making online harassment reporting that much easier for users. While this can be seen as a win, there’s still no feature to edit tweets.

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