Man to Receive Life Sentence for Murdering Sex Worker

A British man will receive a life sentence for murdering a sex worker.

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A British man is set to receive a life sentence after brutally murdering a 21-year-old sex worker.

Lewis Pierre was found guilty of killing Daria Pionko days before Christmas by repeatedly kicking her in the upper body with his steel-toed boots and carrying out a "sustained and forceful" attack. According to the Guardian, Pionko died within a half hour of the attack and sustained injuries to her head, neck, face, and body. Camera footage caught Pierre walking around with Pionko on the night of the incident and authorities were able to match the blood on his boots and a sweater to the victim’s.

In addition to taking her life, he also stole £80 (or about $106) to buy a kebab and chips, four sodas, and cigarettes. Co-workers say he also showed up the next day with weed. With all the evidence linking him to the crime, Pierre admitted to theft and manslaughter but not muder. He claims to have punched her a few times in the face but didn’t think her injuries were that serious. He says he felt "ashamed" when he found out she had died, and added that he wasn’t proud of stealing her money.

Unmoved by his words, the jury found him guilty and he didn’t handle it well. He reportedly walked out and slammed the door behind him as one of the court officers told the judge, "He didn’t want to be here anymore."

Because he was previously convicted for batter and robbery, the judge announced that Pierre would receive a life sentence to be officially handed out on Tuesday. 

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