Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Thinks Michael Cohen Will 'Flip' on Trump

"It’s pretty transparent what’s going on here. Mr. Trump realizes he’s in a lot of trouble and he’s in panic mode."

Apparently, President Trump may be freaking out after his personal attorney Michael Cohen did not cooperate during investigations on the commander-in-chief.  

On CNN’s State of the Union, Stormy Daniels's attorney Michael Avenatti said, "Mr. Trump and the administration have concluded what I've been saying for weeks. That Michael Cohen is in a lot of trouble and he's going to flip on the president."

Earlier this week, it was reported that Cohen planned to plead the fifth if he was to be called to the stand during the Daniels trial against Cohen. In response, the judge in California on Friday gave Cohen a 90-day delay, considering he is under criminal investigation in New York and it is "likely" be will be indicted.

Avenatti thinks a recent National Enquirer cover implies that Cohen is ready to flip. The cover promised information on Cohen's "secrets and lies." American Media is the parent company of The Enquirer, which is owned and run by friend and ally of Trump David Pecker. Avenatti said the cover is "the first effort on their part to undermine Mr. Cohen’s credibility so they can claim when he does flip that he’s a liar."

Now Trump is in dismay, according to Avenatti. "It’s pretty transparent what’s going on here. Mr. Trump realizes he’s in a lot of trouble and he’s in panic mode."

Trump has consistently denied any relationship with Daniels and knowledge of paying her. Avenatti also said that the president, "...directly contradicted the nonsense that Michael Cohen has been trying to sell the American people for the last three months. And that is that Michael Cohen went out and did the agreement on his own and raised the $130,000 on his own and that Mr. Trump never knew anything about it." To Avenatti, this admission was "a critical mistake, and this is what happens when you’re undisciplined in litigation." He continued, "You may be able to be undisciplined in politics, you may be able to lie to the American press and the people, but you can’t lie in litigation. It comes back and bites you every time."

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