The Worst Donald Trump Tweets

These are some of the worst Donald Trump tweets to date.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

It is a well-known fact that Donald Trump’s main source of power is his Twitter account. He’s on the social media platform at all hours of the day (but usually at some horrible, god-awful time of the early morning when absolutely nothing good can happen anymore) and pays absolutely no mind to the inane crap that his fingers send off into the world. Now, that’s one thing if he’s a reality TV show star, but it’s a whole other thing if he’s leader of the most powerful country in the world. And, like you could have guessed, the man has used Twitter like it’s never been used before since becoming president: to announce hurtful policy proposals, to provoke his opponents, and to nearly thrust the world into nuclear war.

It’s safe to say the man has bastardized the concept of Twitter and burned whatever small fraction of joy it could have provided us to a crisp. And yet we’re all still on the app, just waiting in horror for the next time Trump inevitably tweets something stupid, offensive, or destructive—or all three—and the media jumps over backwards to cover it and comment on it. It was truly difficult to put together a list of his worst tweets because there were just so many of them, and it’s hard to know exactly what constitutes worst. There were some honorable mentions, like his bizarre obsession with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship that reeked of misogyny and the worst kind of celebrity gossip. There is also the much more serious case of the Donald's birther claims—including the time he hilariously misused quotation marks and cast doubt on his own sources. He hated on Obama so much that he didn’t even know how to talk shit about him anymore, vaguely threatening something “really bad and totally stupid” would happen while Obama was in office. But what follows is a list of 10 of some really horrible tweets from the Orange One.

This one is a wild ride. The typical initial reaction is to shake your head, furrow your brows, and ask for answers from whatever higher entity it is that you believe in. Because, seriously, what is even the point of this observation? What is the actual point of tweeting this out into the world? But then you begin to think, wait, could he be right? The truth is he probably isn’t. With that said, though, like so many of the tweets on this list, it’s such a beautifully constructed self-own that it’s actually something to marvel at. Just check out what good old President Dotard is sipping on in this photo and you’ll find yourself agreeing, at least in part, with his tweet. I mean, if you say so, Donald...


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