Woman Filmed Cursing Out LAX Employees Before Learning She's Shouting at the Wrong Airline

"Get me up on the next motherf*cking flight, seriously!" the traveler demanded. "And pay for that sh*t!"

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TMZ captured the moment when a woman made quite the scene at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, only to realize she spent all that time complaining to the wrong airline.

The traveler was upset because Delta booked her for a flight the next day after she missed her initial flight, according to the outlet. The woman repeatedly demanded someone get the United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on the phone to get her issue sorted out.

Even though it was highly, highly unlikely that Buttigieg would set aside all of his other responsibilities as a Cabinet member to help her out, she probably hurt her chances by calling him a "useless motherfucker."

"Get me up on the next motherfucking flight, seriously!" the unidentified woman yelled, slamming her fist on the counter. "And pay for that shit!"

In the midst of her blind rage, the woman clearly did not notice the several monitors behind the front desk displaying the WestJet logo.

Once she realized her mistake, the woman tried to laugh off the moment. The WestJet employees were clearly amused by the whole ordeal, filmed cackling throughout. A case of mistaken identity is surely far from the worst thing they've experienced.

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