Deer Tackles This Unsuspecting Guy and Absolutely Wrecks Him

Give this deer an NFL contract already.

The NFL Combine has come and gone, but this deer is still hoping to impress, at least, one team by adding this impressive tackle on an unsuspecting 25-year-old Cary McCook in British Columbia to his highlight reel.

Just as this dude exists the vehicle, Cary looks to his left and catches the deer coming at him at full speed. With no time left to avoid the inevitable, the deer lunged at the unfortunate human being with the type of technique that would make a defensive coordinator proud. “As I was turning my brain couldn’t process what was coming at me and by the time I knew it, [I had] already had gotten hit by ‘Bambi’ that was being chased by a dog,” McCook toldGlobal News.

One thing, though, that is not being discussed is this ongoing matter where deer are consistently tormenting human beings in a variety of situations. Back in November, a herd of deer cut in the middle of a cross country race with one absolutely destroying a competitor with a tackle eerily similar to the incident in British Columbia. One month later, surveillance footage caught a deer tearing through a Gold's Gym location in South Carolina. After a brief two-minute workout, which included some hurdling and a whole lot of running, the animal left to tell its friends and family about how shook it got those humans. 

Maybe this is a case of humans finally receiving their comeuppance after years of seeing their elders get ran over by cars. If that's the case, those deer deserve their revenge...and we deserve to die. 

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