Rachel Dolezal Announces Memoir 'In Full Color' Chronicling Her Bizarre Trans-Racial Story

The former NAACP president announces she has a book coming out in 2017.

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Well, this is interesting. It's been a while since anyone's heard a peep from Rachel Dolezal, but the former NAACP president recently popped back into the spotlight after she took to Instagram on Oct. 30 to announce her new memoir, In Full Color: Finding my Place in a Black and White World.

The activist's new book will reportedly start from her early days as a young white child growing up with evangelical parents, right up into young adulthood, in which she transformed into the black woman she is today. According to the memoir's summary, Dolezal will also discuss the "sense of belonging she felt while living in black communities in Jackson, Mississippi, and Washington D.C," as well as the "discrimination she suffered while living as a black woman."

"Her story is nuanced and complex, and in the process of telling it, she forces us to consider race in an entirely new light—not as a biological imperative, but as a function of the experiences we have, the culture we embrace, and, ultimately, the identity we choose," the summary reads. "Complex" probably doesn't even begin to describe Dolezal's life story, but it's probably a good start. 

Naturally, fans and critics took to Twitter to troll Dolezal and also suggest other topics the book will cover. In Full Color will hit the bookstores in Mar. 2017.  Pre-order the book here.


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