Viral Video Shows Before and After of 'Ass-Whooping' Handed to Flight Passenger

There's a lot of chaos in the skies these days.

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We've seen it all when it comes to in-flight madness in the United States. Now even more is coming from overseas.

Last Friday, violence broke out on a flight from Singapore to Manila where a passenger on a Scoot Airlines plane was causing a disturbance. In a widely circulated video from the flight, an American man is seen recording the disruptive man, before promising to "film an ass-whooping" before being mocked by the passenger.

This is so embarrassing💀

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An attendant on the overhead speaker asks passengers to remain seated but the rowdy man ignores it, getting into the man's face to instigate a fight. The American passenger says, "Hit me, I'll beat your ass," which the man obliges, but soon regrets as the video cuts to him bloodied and being apprehended in the plane's aisle with zip ties around his feet.

"Get yo bitch ass up, n***a," the other passenger is heard saying. "I told you I'd be putting an ass whooping [on] you, right?"

The man shouts that he's from Las Vegas, where, clearly, they stand on business. "N***a let me smash him," the man continued. "Why'd he make me do him like this, gang?"

The unruly man is then seen being escorted off the plane by Filipino authorities, to other passengers cheering and the Las Vegas man saying "Blow me a kiss." Scoot also confirmed the incident, per TODAY. “As a result of disruptive behavior, a passenger was restrained and subsequently handed over to the local authorities upon arrival,” said the airline’s spokesperson.

The man, whose name hasn't been publicized, was demanding drinks from attendants and challenging other passengers to one-on-one fights before being removed from the landed flight.

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