Red Bull's New Tiffany Calver-Hosted Show 'The Cut' Is Here To Spotlight Rising UK Music Talent

Tiffany Calver makes her next move as she searches for the next big thing in British music.

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Tiffany Calver, BBC Radio 1Xtra host and recent tour DJ for Drake, is on the lookout for the next big thing in UK music with her new Red Bull show, The Cut. The online talent show unites nine rising singer-songwriters with nine up-and-coming producers, where they're given the task of creating a new song from beginning to end. From grime and Afrobeats to UK garage, house and jazz, the 18 contestants explore a kaleidoscope of musical influences stamped on the culture.

"What was really interesting for me was seeing how different everyone's process is," says Tiffany Calver. "My favourite thing was watching the teams incorporate live instruments into what they were doing, because we live in a generation of bedroom production and manipulating sounds, so it was cool watching how excited they got about having any instrument they wanted. They were just going crazy for it and it was so nice to see how in love with making music they were." 

She added, "I'm really glad I got to be a part of it. They’re such raw, talented kids, who've never been thrown into a situation like this before, and the opportunity is such a great one. You can feel and see just how important it is to them to make music and be around each other. It was just a really sick experience."

You can check out the first episode of The Cut above.


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