Woman Allegedly Sets Fire to Wrong House While Seeking Revenge Against Ex-Boyfriend, Briefly Kidnaps Dog

A North Carolina woman was arrested on Friday after she was trying to get revenge against her ex-boyfriend and set fire to the wrong house instead.

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A woman was arrested in North Carolina last week after she attempted to set fire to a house she mistakenly thought was her ex-boyfriend’s.

The extremely unfortunate case of mistaken identity took place in Gold Hill, where WRAL reported that the homeowner was alerted by his neighbors on Friday that a woman was attempting to light his house ablaze. The suspect was later identified as 49-year-old Christie Jones, who was allegedly seeking revenge against her former partner.

Once police arrived on the scene, they discovered a pile of flaming wood on the front porch along with a “jug of oil” that was likely going to be used as fuel for the fire once it began to grow. The man confronted Jones with a rifle prior to authorities reaching them. She allegedly took his dog hostage and abducted it in her car, with cops giving chase.

Police were able to get the man’s dog and get the fire extinguished before anyone was hurt or any irreparable damage done. Jones is being charged with felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of an animal. It’s believed the damages to the house amounted to roughly $20,000. Her bond is currently set at $101,500. 

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