Andrew Brown Jr.’s Estate Files $30 Million Federal Lawsuit Against North Carolina Officers

The family of Andrew Brown Jr. is filing a $30 million federal lawsuit following Brown's fatal shooting at the hands of the Pasquotank County police department.


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The attorneys representing Andrew Brown Jr.’s family have filed a $30 million federal civil lawsuit following Brown’s death in April.

On April 21, Brown was shot and killed in his vehicle after an extremely brief and violent encounter with Pasquotank County deputies in North Carolina. The officers arrived at Brown’s home on a warrant following an undercover drug investigation. 

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— Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II (@RevDrBarber) July 14, 2021

Brown was in his vehicle and began backing out when officers arrived but did not have enough space to reverse, so he remained in his driveway. Within 44 seconds of the county deputies arriving on the scene, they shot into Brown’s vehicle 14 times. Brown died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head. He did not have any weapons on him in his car.

News of Brown’s death sparked outrage in the local community and across the country. One of the family’s lawyers, Chance Lynch, also said in a press conference that the deputy’s account that they had been in danger when Brown was moving his car appeared to be inaccurate. 

 “We were able to see some critical footage that yields some truth and transparency to what we thought we would see from the beginning. … It was absolutely, unequivocally unjustified,” Lynch said. “Our legal team is more committed now to pursue justice...because what we saw today was unconstitutional and it was unjustifiable.”

It was also reported back in April that Brown’s family was only able to see 20 seconds of the encounter after bodycam footage was released, only half on the entire altercation.

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