Smart & Final Employee Yelling at Customer Who Refused to Wear a Mask Blows Up on TikTok

The video is one of several confrontations that have gone viral since states started to open up.

This is a photo of Grocery Store

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This is a photo of Grocery Store

Wearing a mask in public has become customary while the country tries to fend off the coronavirus pandemic. But with states starting to ease their social distancing measures, some people don't deem it necessary to wear protective face coverings. This notion led to a heated exchange at a California-based market called Smart & Final.

In a now-viral TikTok video, a woman is filming an employee at the store who is upset that she's not wearing a mask. The woman claims to have a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a face covering, but this only moved him to request to see a medical note.

"You just do your own thing, right? Just do whatever you want to do?" the man—who ironically had his mask under his nose—said to the woman. 

He then called her a "loser" and threatens to call the police. 

This video was followed by another clip where the employee is chastised by his co-worker for being rude to the customer. In the third video, the argument appeared to have transitioned to outside of the store. The employee tried to get bystanders on his side by drawing attention to the face the woman wasn't wearing a mask.

"You look real cool right now," the woman said to the employee. "You look real sane. You look real thoughtful. You look real logical. You look real educated."

The video series that was uploaded by @charliezen on TikTok has more than 107,000 views and is one of several confrontations that have gone viral since states started to open up.

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