3 Brooklyn Men Arrested on Hate Crime Charges After Anti-Semitic Attacks

The suspects drove to Agudath Israel Synagogue on Saturday and screamed, “free Palestine—kill all the Jews” at a group of four men standing outside.

The tensions in the Middle East bled over into Brooklyn, with three men being charged with hate crimes for attacking Jewish people in the borough in the name of Palestine. 

NBC reports that according to the NYPD, 20-year-olds Haider Anjam and Danial Shukat as well as Ashan Azad, 19, drove in a car to Agudath Israel Synagogue on Saturday and screamed, “free Palestine—kill all the Jews” at a group of four men standing outside the synagogue.

The victims of this flagrant anti-Semitism went into the building and locked the door. This prompted the suspects to get out of the car and start banging on the synagogue’s entrance before turning their attention to a 2014 Audi Q7. One of the suspects kicked a mirror off the car, causing more than $200 in damage. 

These same men are suspected of confronting two Jewish teenagers shortly after attacking the synagogue. A criminal complaint claims Anjam demanded one of the teens say “free Palestine.” When he didn’t, Anjam reportedly punched him in the face, head, and lip multiple times before putting him in a chokehold. Anjam and at least one other suspect asked the other teen to say the same phrase and when he didn’t, he suffered the same type of attack.

Haider Anjam and Ashan Azad were arrested and charged with harassment and aggravated harassment with hate crime enhancements. Anjam was also charged with menacing as a hate crime. Danial Shukat was hit with aggravated harassment as a hate crime and additional charges including assault. Shukat’s bail is reportedly set at $5,000 or $2,500. Azad and Anjam have yet to be arraigned.

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