Burger King's Anti-Bullying Message Is Both Powerful and Emotional

An important public service announcement.

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month. The campaign aims to unite communities around the world to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention. Burger King is stepping in and doing what they can to raise awareness. The fast food chain released a powerful video where they conduct an eye-opening experiment. 

The PSA, which is titled "Bullying Jr.," shows the percentage of customers who would likely report a bullying happening in the restaurant vs. complaining about their sandwich being smashed.

The video starts off with kids describing words commonly thrown around during bullying: Scrawny. Chubby. Short. Queer. Then it transitions to showing a kid getting bullied in front of customers at a Burger King location. Shortly after, we see an employee punch a Whopper Jr. and serve the smashed burger to customers to see what their reactions would be. 

The percentage of customers reporting that their burger was unsatisfactory compared to the number of people who stepped in to help the kid who is getting picked on is disheartening. But in the end, the video makes a powerful point about bullying, spotlighting customers who decided to stand up for the high school junior and save him from any further harassment.

Finally, we are informed by children on how hurtful bullying can be. A message that should not be forgotten.

You can watch the entire video above.

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